Leggings Fad: Part 2

The Other Side

I get it, you can blend it with Spandex or wear it baggy; but at the end of the day, denim just isn’t as comfy as the stretch fabric we see in leggings.

Even a community user on Buzz Feed fought back against Amy Odell’s 23 Reasons Leggings Are The Worst (and with three more reasons).


Here’s my guide on how to avoid the embarrassing mishaps that can come with wearing leggings as pants.

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The Leggings Fad

And what should come next.

In one of my fashion classes a couple years ago, our “ice breaker” activity was to describe our go-to outfit. The most common answer? LEGGINGS. But has this trend gone too far?

One writer from Buzz Feed seems to think so.

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Multimedia Journalist Evaluation

prachi-profilePrachi Gupta

Prachi Gupta is a multimedia journalist and comedy writer. She has contributed articles to Cosmopolitan, Salon, College Humor and more. She has had work published for television, radio print and online audiences.

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Critique of Social Media Policy


In a world where media is becoming the center of attention, many look past the things that go on behind the scenes in mass communication. News journalists in a print-only world could separate their work and personal lives. As long as they didn’t say the wrong things to the wrong person, they did not have to worry when they left the office.

This all changes with social media. Sites like Facebook and Twitter started as a way to connect people, but have now shifted to sources of news. To someone from my high school, I am Mary Anderson, the girl they had gym class with. But to employers, I could be a future face of their company.

Here is what The NY Times has done to take precautions against this:

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