Leggings Fad: Part 2

The Other Side

I get it, you can blend it with Spandex or wear it baggy; but at the end of the day, denim just isn’t as comfy as the stretch fabric we see in leggings.

Even a community user on Buzz Feed fought back against Amy Odell’s 23 Reasons Leggings Are The Worst (and with three more reasons).


Here’s my guide on how to avoid the embarrassing mishaps that can come with wearing leggings as pants.

Check the fabric content.

As with most fads, leggings range from expensive, to affordable, to just plain cheap. The fabric used to make them follows the same suite. Most cheap leggings are made with mainly cotton and thin each time you wear them.

Take, for example, Forever 21’s Classic Cotton-Blend Leggings, as compared to Nordstrom’s Live In Slim Fit Leggings.


Cotton is made up of staple fibers, which are shorter and thus are more susceptible to pilling. As we wear and wash our leggings, the balls of fibers fall off of the fabric. The result is a thinner, and in extreme cases, see-through garment. Polyester and spandex are filament fibers, which are longer synthetic fibers. They are stronger and more resistant to pilling.

Interested in more about different fiber characteristics? Click here

Check the size.

If you’re in the store, it’s as simple as trying them on. The smaller the leggings are, the tighter they will cling to your body and be forced to stretch. The more they stretch, the thinner the fabric gets.

If you’re shopping online, here’s a trick: check the size guide.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 2.28.00 PM

Size guide from Forever21.com (click to enlarge)

Once you’ve found your perfect pair of leggings, measure them and you’ll never have to worry again.

The leggings are one size fits all? Try them on or stick to brands you know will fit.

Consider the price.

Especially for those who try to save money whenever they can, it is hard not to simply buy the cheapest pair. However, leggings are a staple item. It might be worth the extra money to not have to continuously replace pairs that become see-through.

With price, you many times can predict the quality of the fabric. Filament fibers are synthetic fibers (they are not found in nature) and thus cost more money to make. You can also predict the quality of the stitching which, again, costs more money to make. If you are unsure of whether an expensive fabric is actually of good quality, check out this article on how to tell if a garment is well-made.

Doesn’t matter if they’re see through or not, you don’t think leggings are pants? Click here for the other side and inspiration on how to get the best of both worlds. 


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