The Leggings Fad

And what should come next.

In one of my fashion classes a couple years ago, our “ice breaker” activity was to describe our go-to outfit. The most common answer? LEGGINGS. But has this trend gone too far?

One writer from Buzz Feed seems to think so.

While I don’t completely agree that leggings are actually the worst, I think Amy Odell is on to something. Here are some alternatives that allow you to keep the comfort and versatility of leggings without the see-through, unflattering and/or ridiculous aspects.

Visit my Pinterest page for more information on each look!

Tip: Look at the tag! If the fabric is blended with Spandex, it is going to be much more comfortable than straight denim.


Doesn’t matter what I say, you’re still a leggings enthusiast? Click here for the other side and my guide on how to find a quality pair.



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