Multimedia Journalist Evaluation

prachi-profilePrachi Gupta

Prachi Gupta is a multimedia journalist and comedy writer. She has contributed articles to Cosmopolitan, Salon, College Humor and more. She has had work published for television, radio print and online audiences.

Her multimedia skills continue with her presence on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. Her list of accomplishments includes being named one of the “absolute best names in media” by Mediaite. But what is most inspirational to me, is her style of writing and versatility.

Gupta begins her online bio with:

“I’m a journalist and comedy writer based in New York City. According to Bill O’Reilly, I write for morons.

She publicly opens her profile with not only a reference to a hateful critic, but a direct link to the article too. I can’t help but laugh at the boldness.

Humor aside, I admire how she is able to convey an interesting story throughout a variety of genres. We label journalists: news reporters, fashion writers, comedy writers. Gupta, is all three. And she does it using a combination of sound, video, still photos, infographics and text.

Let’s take her article for, “My Family Will Never Recover From Being Refugees.”.

As readers, we see videos of the refugee making the artwork. We then see still photos of things we may have missed. We hear interviews and voice-overs to help guide us through the story. We see still photos of things we may have missed in the video. Only after we cannot understand any more through media, do we see the written text. Even the links within the article lead the reader to other articles that expand more on topics she discusses.

Moving on to social media, I was slightly surprised. Most of Gupta’s tweets and Facebook posts address political content. Even her Instagram is flooded with pictures of several different protests in opposition to President Trump.

Love >>> Hate #womensmarchonwashington

A post shared by Prachi Gupta (@prachigu) on Jan 21, 2017 at 4:28pm PST


This passion for certain political issues have caused some conflict.

The Daily News wrote an article titled, “Ivanka Trump hits back at Cosmo journalist after cutting short ‘negative’ interview when she was asked why Donald’s child care plan doesn’t include gay fathers“.

Gupta asked Ivanka Trump some tough questions that ultimately drove Trump to shut the interview down. Mistake by Gupta? You tell me. Was it Gupta being overly accusatory or was Ivanka Trump just unable to handle the controversy her father has created?

Politics can be a sensitive subject but for Gupta’s style of writing, it works. She is consistent in her views across all platforms which strengthens her own image as a journalist. One could argue her opinionated views are part of her image. How can she be a strong and confident female voice in the media without opening expressing her distaste for Donald Trump?

As for improvements, as a beginning multimedia journalist, it is difficult to say. I could argue that she should give more variety to her social media talk. We get it, you hate Trump. But, politics is a hot topic right now and girl power means not being afraid to speak out.

Ultimately, Prachi Gupta is a successful multimedia journalist in part because she has found her voice and made it loud and proud.


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