Diary of a Day Without Media

The night before:

This shouldn’t be too bad. I am not worried about social media. I do not go on that frequently and I think it could actually be refreshing to be unplugged for a day. Texting concerns me slightly so I’m warning a few people that if they want to get a hold of me, they must call. This will be a piece of cake.

8:00 am:

I wake up and am somehow already craving social media. Maybe it is just because I know I can’t, but I lay in bed wondering what’s going on in the Twitter world.

10:00 am:

I have now gone two hours and the one thing that is killing me: no music. Judge me all you want but I love my morning dance parties and this is a major buzz kill.

1:00 pm

I caved! It was an accident… I swear. I spent my morning doing homework and began to look on the Internet for inspiration and research. I caught myself and finished the rest media-free. This forced me to think more independently.

2:00 pm

I have lifting soon and am starting to get nervous that I cannot receive texts if plans change. I am having to rely on more face to face communication.

2:30 pm

Ugh I caved again. My parents have been in France for the past week. When my mom’s name popped up, I couldn’t resist opening the message. But, instead of texting my reply, I called her (small victory).

3:00 pm

I am now in class. My professor posts our notes online. Normally, I take notes by opening the slides in Adobe Acrobat and typing my own comments. Today, I have to take notes the old-fashioned way: pen and paper.

6:00 pm

I made it through lifting and some stretching in the athletic training room. I had to count in my head for how long to do each stretch instead of using the stopwatch app on my phone.

7:00 pm

I have to pick my boyfriend up from his intramural basketball game soon. He had to call me at halftime so I would know when to come. Normally, he would just text.

8:00 pm

Whew I made it! First thing I’m gonna do is blast some music. I did a day without media, I think I deserve it.


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